Shaun takes the win in Salt lake City

Shaun put down an amazing run on his first of four runs, putting the pressure on the rest of the skaters. Shaun beat his own score on his third run. His fourth run was a victory lap, as none of the other skaters could match or beat his score. He attempted a 900, but fell. The crowd went crazy anyway,

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Shaun takes first, PLG second and Bucky Lasek finished third.

The last stop of the Dew Tour is next month in Vegas where they will crown the overall champion. Currently, PLG is first overall and Shaun is fifth overall in total point standings of this year's tour.


White, Burnquist, PLG, Lasek, Bastos, Andy Mac set for Sunday's Vert Final in SLC!

Shaun White finishes second in Dew Tour prelims

By Bill Oram

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated Sep 17, 2010 06:35PM

If the people who sprinkled themselves around EnergySolutions Arena Friday have followed action sports much at all, what they witnessed was rather familiar.

Shaun White was flying higher than anybody else on the vert ramp at the Dew Tour, his long red hair not far behind, doing big spins and grabs while drawing the most enthusiastic applause.

He also did something, though, that folks aren’t as familiar with.

He didn’t win.

“I did what I had to,” said White, who scored 86.5 points after falling on his final two runs. He finished second behind 33-year-old Bob Burnquist.

It doesn’t much matter in the long run, of course. White simply needed to place in the top seven to qualify for Sunday’s 2 p.m. finals

“Qualifying is a weird thing, where you only do what you need to,” he said. “This weird holding back phase.”

Holding back is something that White, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding, isn’t used to. After his runs he said he was “frustrated.” The important thing for White, however, is that he got out of the qualifying stage, where bad runs are forgivable.

“It’s good that I had an off-day today,” he said. “I don’t have too many of those. Chances are I’ll do pretty good the next couple days.”

Preliminary Scores:
1 Bob Burnquist 87.50 
2 Shaun White 86.50 
3 Juergen Horrwarth 80.25 
4 Adam Taylor 79.75 
5 Marcelo Bastos 76.00 
6 Ronaldo Gomes 74.25 
7 Josh Stafford 71.00 
8 Neal Hendrix 48.75

PLG, Lasek, and Andy Mac were prequalified.

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When I was a teenager, I hated reading teen magazines. I preferred to read Cosmo and Glamour. Now that I'm in my late 20s, I enjoy reading Seventeen and Teen Vogue. Is this odd? Of course, I still read Cosmo and Glamour, but I guess the teen magazines bring back some nostalgia.

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Here is Willow Smith's first single.

Willow is the daughter of Will Smith. Willow is only 9 years old. She's cute, yes, and she is most likely talented. But do we really need a pop star so young?

I just find this disturbing. I don't want to know what I'd think if she ends up performing at the VMAs next year.

Last.FM Post

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Top Artists last 7 days:
1. Lady Gaga
3. Nine Inch Nails
4. Shiny Toy Guns
5. Ke$ha
6. The Cruxshadows
7. Combichrist
8. Michal Jackson
9. Soho Dolls
10. Skold vs. KMFDM

Top tracks last 7 days:
1. Chris Corner: Attack 61
2. Skold vs. KMFDM: Error 404
3. Fiona Apple: Criminal
4. Lady Gaga: Teeth
5. Ke$ha: Take It Off
6. PJ Harvey: C'mon Billy
7. Clear Static: Dead Man's Party
8. Abney Park: Airship Pirate
9. Lady Gaga: Bad Romance
10. The Cranberries: Zombie